What is Aquaflex?

What is Aquaflex?

Aquaflex is a way to check if you are doing your pelvic floor exercises properly. It also

It consists of two different sized plastic cones and some small weights that fit inside the cones.helps you to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles which will help to control any unwanted leaking of wee from your bladder.

How do they help with incontinence?

The idea is that you try to hold the cones in place inside your vagina by tightening your pelvic floor muscles. It is your pelvic floor muscles that help to control incontinence.

How do you use Aquaflex?

To begin with, you should try to hold the largest of the two cones in place inside your vagina. At this stage, you shouldn’t use any weights at all.

Make sure you are standing up straight and not slumped. After washing and drying the cones and your hands, gently place the cone inside your vagina, with the round end going in first and the string end last. The cone needs to be around 2 cm inside your vagina.

As you put it in, you will probably feel some resistance (or pressure) and then it will pop in the rest of the way easily. It needs to get to the part where it goes in easily for it to be in the right place. Think of an alley way with a cave at the end of it. The cone needs to sit at the entrance to the alley way in the cave!

When it is in place, the string should be left dangling on the outside of your body, just like a tampon. Keep one finger inside your vagina so that it rests at the base of the cone. You should just be able to feel the bottom of the cone with the tip of your finger.

Right, you’re now ready to get going!

How to do pelvic floor exercises using the Aquaflex cones

Breathe in and as you breathe out, tighten your pelvic floor muscles as though you are trying to stop yourself passing wind or going for a wee. If you are tightening the muscles correctly, you should feel the cone move away from your finger.

If nothing happens, relax and try again, making sure that you don’t have the cone in too far or not far enough. You might only feel a tiny movement but that’s okay to begin with and is enough for you to be able to use the cones effectively. Try to hold it up for a slow count to 5 to begin with. Now relax your pelvic floor. The cone should move down again.

Wait for 10 seconds and then try again. You can tell when your muscles are becoming very tired as the cone will drop further out in between each contraction or may stop moving when you are tightening. This is your starting point for using the Aquaflex cones.


By Alison Bourne MA (Cantab) BSc MCSP ACPWH



4 thoughts on “What is Aquaflex?

  1. Hi 20 min does not seem very long for keeping the cones in place. If I can hold them for longer is that a better exercise or is 20 min the max you should do? Could holding them for longer be more harmful than helpful?


    • Hi,
      Thank you for your comment. If you can hold the Aquaflex in place without any problems whilst you are standing, for 20 minutes or more, then you are ready to take your pelvic floor exercise regime to the next level. Make sure you are using the smallest cone with the heaviest weights before you move on. It may be that the cone isn’t heavy enough for you. To make it harder for your pelvic floor muscles to keep the Aquaflex in place, try bending forwards or walking around. By increasing the speed that you walk at, your pelvic floor muscles will be encouraged to work harder to stop the Aquaflex from falling out. You can also try jogging on the spot as impact makes it harder for you to retain the cone without a lot of activity in your pelvic floor muscles. If you can hold the smallest cone inside you, with the heaviest weight while you run around for 20 minutes then that is a pretty good sign that you have a good pelvic floor!

      • I can hold the cone for longer than twenty minutes With a jog etc….can I purchase more weights so the cone is heavier?? Will this be ok??


  2. Hi Bev,
    Well done! It sounds as though you have a fantastic pelvic floor! If you can hold the smallest cone in with the heaviest weights for a 20 minutes run then your pelvic floor is doing all it needs to do. Adding more weights won’t make your pelvic floor muscles any stronger than that.

    If you are symptom free then rest assured that you are doing all you should be & the cones have done their job. If you are not symptom free then it may be that there is something else going on rather than a weak pelvic floor. It may be that your bladder is over-active which can also cause leakage from the bladder. There are a few articles on over-active bladder syndrome on the Neen site so you can check to see if you have this condition. Keep doing those pelvic floor exercises though and thank you for your question.

    Alison Bourne

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