What is Anuform?

What is the Anuform?






The Anuform is a smaller version of the Periform. It’s an electrode designed to be used with the Peritone or Pericalm. It’s mainly used inside your bottom or anus but it can be used as a vaginal electrode if your pelvic floor is tight or small.

Who can use the Anuform?

Some women find that their pelvic floor muscles are over-active. This can lead to pain or Over-Active Bladder syndrome.  The Peritone biofeedback unit is often used to help with this and it can be more comfortable to use an Anuform inside the vagina if the muscles are too tight. If you suffer from vaginismus, a condition where the pelvic floor muscles go into spasm, preventing anything from entering the vagina, then it can be helpful to begin treatment with the Anuform inside the bottom rather than vagina. By using the Anuform and Peritone together you can help to train the muscles to relax properly. If you have used the Anuform inside your bottom, it is important to buy a separate device if you wish to then use it inside your vagina. This is to avoid infection.

If you have problems with leakage from your bowel, you can connect the Anuform to a Pericalm unit. This helps to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles that give you control over when you pass wind and when you empty your bowels.

If you have had a perineal tear during childbirth then you may find that it is harder for you to control wind. This is because the pelvic floor muscles and sphincters around the back passage have been weakened. Using an Anuform with the Pericalm can help to strengthen these so that you regain control of your bowels.

Can men use it?

It’s not only women who suffer from incontinence or prolapse: men do too.  This sometimes happens after prostate surgery. The Anuform can be used to help with both bowel and bladder problems and can avoid the need for incontinence devices or stomas. Men can also have problems with the pelvic floor muscles being too over-active. Using the Anuform with a Peritone unit will help to diagnose and treat this type of problem.

Does it feel uncomfortable?

The shape of the electrode is designed to make it as easy as possible to insert into the bottom. All you do is bear down (as though you are going to the loo) and gently insert the lubricated electrode into your bottom. It doesn’t go all of the way in but a ring remains on the outside so it is easy to remove afterwards. Once it’s inside you, it feels very comfortable. It’s important to use lots of lubrication so that it is easy to insert and remove.

By Alison Bourne MA (Cantab) BSc MCSP ACPWH

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