Join our private Facebook chat ‘Ladies Hour’ with our health specialist and physiotherapist Alison Bourne.

Are you having problems with a weak bladder?

Or are you worried about the effects of childbirth?

Whatever your worry or concern is, it can be highly embarrassing talking about incontinence issues.

So we have set up a private Facebook group for all of you ladies who are concerned about pelvic health.

Once a month, we host ‘Ladies Hour’ where Alison Bourne, our resident health specialist and physiotherapist will be on hand to answer all of your private and personal questions.

You can join the group by requesting to join here –

We have made the group private to ensure all of your comments remain confidential and so you feel comfortable asking anything that may be troubling you.

Alison is not only a resident health physiotherapist but she is also part of the Expert Panel & Medical Advisory Board on

Alison has over 15 years experience as a women’s and men’s health specialist both in the NHS and in private practice.

You can next join Alison on Friday the 22nd of November at 11.30 am and Thursday the 19th of December also at 11.30 in the morning.

If you can’t make that time, don’t worry. You can always post a question before hand and check in after to find the answer.

It’s time we started talking about these things!


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