How do I strengthen a weak bladder?

You may have heard people say ‘I have a weak bladder’, but what exactly does that mean?

weak bladder

When talking about a weak bladder, we refer to the need to rush to the loo a lot or that we can’t hold on to our wee.

Sometimes it means that we leak wee when we need to go.

Our bladder is simply a bag made out of muscle. When it fills with wee, the lining of the bladder stretches. Nerves then send messages to your brain telling you that you need to go to the loo.

The lining of the bladder is very sensitive and can easily become irritated or over-active. The medical term for a weak bladder is an Over-Active Bladder.

So when we say we need to strengthen a weak bladder, what we actually need to do is make the bladder lining become less sensitive.

It needs to be less active!

So, what makes the bladder sensitive?

Caffeine is one of the worst offenders. Caffeine can be found in coffee, tea, hot chocolate, coca cola and energy drinks.

It makes your bladder fill up more quickly and also irritates that sensitive lining.

Fizzy drinks, fruit juices and alcohol can also cause a weak bladder.

Not drinking enough can also be a problem as this makes your urine stronger. You can tell if your urine is too strong as it will smell and will be an orange or brown colour. If you are drinking enough your wee should be pale yellow and not smell.

need the toilet

How can I make my bladder less sensitive?

The first thing is to cut out caffeine, fizzy drinks and strong fruit juices.

The next is to try to gradually drink more so that your wee is a pale yellow colour.

You need to do this slowly to give your bladder a chance to settle down. Our weak bladder article tells you exactly how you can learn to do this.

What about making my muscles stronger?

The next thing to do is make the muscles that support your bladder as strong as possible by doing pelvic floor or Kegel exercises.

Having a strong pelvic floor will help to give you more control over your weak bladder. The Peritone can also help you to strengthen these muscles if they are so weak  you can’t feel anything happening at all.

So don’t worry if you do have a weak bladder as there are simple methods you can use to strengthen it.

5 thoughts on “How do I strengthen a weak bladder?

  1. hello i have a weak bladder had it for 6years and i wear panty liners olny need one to two a day got it from childbirth ive tryed pelvic floors i also purchase a kegal for like 100pound i went to the docters about it they gave me tabs to take 4times a day they didnt work then i had to take stong tabs and also didnt work now im waitting for a skan on bladder just getting fobbed off from docters and upsetting if u no of anythink i can do to stop the leaks please let me no

  2. Hello Laura,
    I’m sorry that you are having such a difficult time with your bladder. It does sound as though you have an over-active bladder but your pelvic floor may also be weak from having babies. Doing pelvic floor exercises is essential. There is lots of advice on the Neen site to help you to check that you are doing them properly. Read our other articles on the bladder too as they will help you to see if there is anything else you can do whilst you wait for your appointments. It is important to rule out bladder infections if your symptoms aren’t getting better – your Doctor will do this by asking for a urine sample. Even though you are going to the loo a lot, try to make sure you are drinking plenty and try to avoid caffeine (in drinks like tea, cola or coffee) as this can make you want to go to the loo a lot. If your Doctor hasn’t already done this, ask to be referred to a Gynaecologist or Urologist as they specialise in this type of problem and will be able to run tests to see what the problem is.

    If you can’t feel anything happening when you do a pelvic floor exercise, then a stimulator can help but you don’t need to spend £100. Neen’s Pericalm will help to strenghten a very weak pelvic floor and costs a lot less than that. The Periform probe is also designed to fit exactly where it should inside the vagina which can help make the machine more effective than a probe that is straight at the sides.

    Good luck with your search for help.
    Alison Bourne

  3. Hi Kiyonna,
    Having a weak bladder can mean that you can’t enjoy all of the things you want to in life. Many women find that they give up exercise or don’t go out as often. There is much that can be done to help this common problem so have a read of the articles and blogs on the Neen site to see how things can be improved. This problem can get worse as we get older so it’s important to try to do something about it as soon as possible.
    Best wishes,
    Alison Bourne

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