Happiness & Sex

Valentine’s Day

Researchers at the University of Warwick conducted a study into happiness and sex. They estimated that increasing how often you have sex from once a month to once a week equated to the same amount of happiness that would be generated by earning an additional £30,000 in income! In the current economic climate, having more sex is probably much easier to achieve than earning a lot more money! So, as Valentine’s Day approaches, if one path to happiness lies in our sex life, how can we make it better so we can enjoy even a little bit of that extra happiness…? Read our 10 tips for a better sex life:

Tip 1 – Appreciate your body – warts and all

If we can learn to love our bodies for what they are, we will feel more relaxed with our partners and able to enjoy sex more. Try standing in front of a mirror without any clothes on and listing 10 things that you like about your body. You’ll probably feel uncomfortable and silly at first but forcing yourself to think positively about your body really helps you to accept who you really are. Your partner loves you for being you so you should too!

Tip 2 – Know your body

If you don’t know how your body and mind respond to different things it can be very difficult for you to communicate that to your partner. Try touching yourself sexually in different ways and experiment with different areas and movements. If you understand what turns you on (and off) it will be much easier for you to let your partner know. You’re also more likely to feel comfortable about asking him what he wants.

Tip 3 – Learn to talk to your partner

Being open and honest with your partner and creating a culture where you can discuss most things frankly and with sensitivity will make sex so much more enjoyable. Try spending 10 minutes massaging each other in turn and talking about how it feels to each other during it.

Tip 4 – Ask for what you want

Tell yourself that you have a right to enjoy sex as much as your partner. If you don’t tell him what you like or what you want, it’s pretty hard for him to give that to you! Faking orgasms doesn’t please anyone…  Our blog on orgasms will help if you find it difficult to get there. http://www.neenpelvichealth.com/blog/an-orgasm-a-day/

Tip 5 – Learn to relax

Being tense will make it harder for you to enjoy sex. Read our upcoming articles on relaxation and breathing to help with this.

Tip 6 – Learn the art of intimacy

Being intimate doesn’t just mean having sex. Try to be intimate with your partner as often as you can, not just while you are in bed. Touch and kiss as much as you can and talk about everything and anything (not just what you are going to have for dinner) and remember to try to have fun together.  All of this helps to keep the magic alive which makes all the difference when you come to have sex together.

Tip 7 – Set the scene

Try to keep your bedroom just for sleep and sex. Seeing piles of laundry that you haven’t had a chance to do while you are trying to get amorous isn’t going to help you get in the mood. Make sure your bedroom is a comfortable temperature too.

Tip 8 – Don’t rely on alcohol

A little alcohol may help you wind down after a stressful day but over -do it and the earth won’t move for either of you.

Tip 9 – Take your time

Eastern cultures devote a lot more time to the art of love making than we do.  Rushing t the finishing line as quickly as possible robs you both of the full pleasure that good sex can bring. By taking things slowly you increase the pleasure you both gain.

Tip 10 – Do Your Pelvic Floor Exercises

Having a strong toned pelvic floor enhances the sexual experience for both of you. You’re also more likely to have an orgasm if your pelvic floor is strong and toned.  Our website and blog contains lots of advice on how you can improve the strength of your pelvic floor so you can get the most out of your sex life. http://www.neenpelvichealth.com/help-and-advice/news/NO-sex-please/


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