Everything you need to know about prolapse

Feeling embarrassed to ask your GP about prolapse? We’ve got some useful information you might not know What is prolapse? Your uterus, bladder and rectum are usually held in place by ligaments known as your pelvic floor. But if your pelvic … Read more

What is Anuform?

What is the Anuform?           The Anuform is a smaller version of the Periform. It’s an electrode designed to be used with the Peritone or Pericalm. It’s mainly used inside your bottom or anus but it … Read more

What is the Peritone?

The Peritone unit is designed to measure the activity that is coming from your pelvic floor muscles. It picks up how hard the muscles are working and then helps to set targets for your pelvic floor exercise regime. It’s designed … Read more