How do I stop leaking wee?

Ever wondered if you are incontinent? Leaking wee when you cough, sneeze or laugh is much more common than you might think. Over a third of women will leak wee at some point in their life and it doesn’t just … Read more

Kegel exercises: A guide for men

Let’s clear something up blokes, Kegel exercises are NOT just for women. Yep that’s right, men can benefit from them too! So read on and learn just how you can benefit from doing Kegels. What are Kegel exercises? Let’s start … Read more

What are Kegel exercises?

Kegel exercises are a fantastic way to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. “Why would I want to do that?” you may be asking. Well, it’s these muscles that control your bladder so exercising them can help you control urinary incontinence. … Read more

How to do Kegel exercises

You may have heard people talk about Kegel exercises before, but what exactly are they? Kegel exercises involve contracting and relaxing the pelvic floor muscles. It is important for both men and women as they get older to practice these … Read more

Stress Incontinence & Exercise

Come on, Rabbit. Let’s you and me bounce, huh? How many of us have bought trampolines for our children only to discover that playing Tigger and Rabbit on the new birthday present results in more than we bargained for…? It … Read more

Mummy, I need a wee

If we could have a pound for every time we’ve heard that…  At the sound of those words being uttered, most of us rush for the potty or scoop our little ones up and rush off to the loo without … Read more

Weeing in the cold

In Brussels this time last year, the water supply to a famous statue of a little boy peeing  - the Mannekin Pis – was turned off due to sub-zero temperatures, much to the consternation of the assembled tourists. For most … Read more

Rooibos Tea – the new wonder drink?

Rooibos (pronounced roy-bos) or Redbush tea is fast growing in reputation as the new wonder tea. But what is the fascination with this drink? Are its reputed health benefits fact or fiction? The rooibos tea plant comes from South Africa … Read more