Sex during Pregnancy

Sex while you’re pregnant Some women find that during their pregnancy they feel more like having sex whereas other women go off it completely. Lots of women feel too scared to have sex in case it harms their baby. Here … Read more

What is Anuform?

What is the Anuform?           The Anuform is a smaller version of the Periform. It’s an electrode designed to be used with the Peritone or Pericalm. It’s mainly used inside your bottom or anus but it … Read more

What is the Peritone?

The Peritone unit is designed to measure the activity that is coming from your pelvic floor muscles. It picks up how hard the muscles are working and then helps to set targets for your pelvic floor exercise regime. It’s designed … Read more

Pericalm – Your Guide

Although many women are able to strengthen their pelvic floor muscles just by performing pelvic floor exercises, there are equal numbers of women who need a little extra help. If you have tried pelvic floor exercises to treat your incontinence … Read more

The Educator

One of the questions I am asked most frequently by my patients is how do I know if I am doing my pelvic floor exercises correctly? Well help is at hand. The Educator has been designed by Neen and specialist … Read more

Sleeping Beauties

“Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together.”             For many of us, that golden chain just seems too difficult to get hold of. We’ve all experienced a painfully sleepless night … Read more

Valentines Massage

Massage Treat your partner to a romantic massage with our helpful tips and advice…             Massage is an excellent way of helping you to relax and to get you both in the mood. It helps … Read more

Happiness & Sex

Valentine’s Day Researchers at the University of Warwick conducted a study into happiness and sex. They estimated that increasing how often you have sex from once a month to once a week equated to the same amount of happiness that … Read more

New Year Fitness & Diet

Bladder Weakness Christmas and New Year are well out of the way and after all of that indulgent eating and drinking, you’ve decided to take the plunge and join the gym. All well and good until you realise that lycra, … Read more