5 ways to improve your sex life as you get older

There is no upper age limit when it comes to getting the most out of your sex life. Even though the stresses of work and parenthood take the energy out of the best of us, it’s still very possible to re-connect both physically and emotionally with your partner and put some electricity back into your relationship. Here are five easily achievable things to help you reach this goal.

improve your sex life

1) Try something different

This is really up to you. Trying new things in the bedroom with your partner – different positions, introducing sex toys, etc. – is one of the oldest tips there is to spice up a relationship. But also remember that activities other than penetration help this too, such as cuddling, massage and foreplay. Sex is an emotional and sensual activity, not merely a physical one. Even getting away for the weekend with your partner, in a different scenario, can produce similar effects.

2) Exercise more regularly to feel better

If you feel that part of the problem is that you don’t feel attractive to your partner, try to exercise regularly. We’re not saying ‘go on a crash diet’, as even a regular walk will make you fitter in addition to increasing blood flow and releasing endorphins that help you feel more positive in general. It’s quite incredible how effective even something as simple as this can be, so dust off that gym membership card. If you feel more attractive, you’ll notice the effects in the bedroom.

3) De-stress, if at all possible

This is much easier said than done. Particularly as you get older, your career advances and children arrive, stress would appear to be all-pervasive. Understandably, it is also the number one all-time passion killer. If you are able, consider booking some time off to give you and your partner some quality time together.

4) Keep up your pelvic floor exercises

It’s well known that regular pelvic floor exercises can help bring about a range of benefits on top of improving your sex life. Particularly if you’ve given birth, the pelvic floor muscles get loosened and stretched over time. Sometimes also called ‘Kegel exercises’, performed by clenching your pelvic floor muscles (the ones you clench when you’re absolutely bursting), they can boost self-esteem. They will help prevent incontinence as you get older as well as producing more intense orgasms and better sex in general. Find out more about the benefits of these simple exercises here.

5) If you’re unsure, ask for professional advice

If none of the above solutions are for you, or if you just want to find out more information, ask a professional. I know we’re very British and reluctant to talk about these things even amongst our friends, but you should feel confident to raise any issues in the confidential environment of a discussion with your healthcare provider.

sex life improve

Follow these tips and you should at least see signs of improvement in your sex life!

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