Everything you need to know about prolapse

Feeling embarrassed to ask your GP about prolapse? We’ve got some useful information you might not know What is prolapse? Your uterus, bladder and rectum are usually held in place by ligaments known as your pelvic floor. But if your pelvic … Read more

Masterclass in Pelvic Floor Exercises

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Meditation Relaxation Technique

Meditation simply means to think, contemplate or ponder. You don’t need to be religious or spiritual and it doesn’t mean you’re going to go into a trance. Meditation makes you focus on the present moment and helps you to stop … Read more

Progressive Muscular Relaxation Technique

This relaxation technique involves getting to know and understand your muscles. It involves tensing and then relaxing different muscles. Once you are familiar with the technique, then you just ‘scan’ your body for the points of tension and just focus … Read more

Laura Mitchell Relaxation Techniques

This technique involves getting to know and understand muscles and how they can create tension within your body. It involves stretching and then relaxing the different muscle groups.             To begin with you should try … Read more

When Sex Hurts

Research has shown that having a good sex life can equate to the same amount of happiness as increasing your salary by $50,000! But what happens if sex is painful rather than pleasurable…? Some women find that any touching of … Read more